Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Blog, New Focus

Fellow Pokemon Enthusiasts,

I really appreciate everyone who used to visit this blog a long time ago(and those who still do)! I ultimately ended this blog because of the decline of the amount of interest in the Pokemon game this blog was centered around. I was recently inspired to start a blog that would focus on reviewing the latest technology! I have loved technology since I was very young and wanted to follow my passion to finally put everything aside to begin a new blog. I have not finished all the planning yet and therefore the blog is not live.

I remembered that this blog was still here as I never deleted and so I wanted to check up on it and I noticed that there are people who still view this blog, like a lot. I saw that there are 100 views a week on this blog still and so I wanted to let these people know that I will soon post the blog site that I am moving to and if anyone is interested, please follow me there! It will be a really great blog because I am looking forward to being a great reviewer for many new products and if you love tech as much as you love Pokemon, follow me there!

Your support would be greatly appreciated!

For the time being, I recently became an ambassador for a great wallet company and wanted to show off the great things that they have! They have amazing genuine leather wallets that are from the future!

Check out their website:

Thanks and that's all for now!

Friday, February 14, 2014

GoodGame Empire- Strategy Game

Hey everyone i have been playing this game for quite a while now and wanted to let you guys know that it is a really awesome game and you guys should really come and play if you guys really like Strategy Games:
The game is called GoodGameEmpire:

If you want to play find me and i will get you started on it! it is really great about conquering worlds and being in alliances.
I hope i see you guys there! :D

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back On Track/ Some Giveways!!

Hey Guys i know i haven't posted in a while but that is because I have been very busy with school work and Tests. I just did the Mid-Terms and did really well on it! Well now i changed the pokes list that i need, I added the fish so keep feeding it! and My own Pokemon card! Please click on it to give it XP and make it the best out there!
Another new thing is that now my youtube channel is for UnovaRPG too! So if you don't play then go check it out! Its a great Pokemon game that is browser based. If you haven't seen the new videos please go check it out on you tube! And Subscribe if you haven't already That would be great !

Finally, I want to talk about the views that this blog has been getting. Before we had about 5,600 views MONTHLY but now as you can see it has dropped about 700. We need to make this go up and so please help me make this better and a awesome BLOG for everyone to visit! I really want this to get more that 6k views in a couple of months! Your help will be very much appreciated!

I also have GREAT GIVEAWAYS coming in the coming weeks! They will be some really big ones and for that i want atleast 20 people at the chat at the SAME time. That looks like a big number but not really! Our record was 17 AT ONCE so i think we can get 3 more people in! That woould really be great and awesome to see so many people here at once! Remember the more people the BIGGER the giveaway and the MORE rares we will give out!

Thanks and please help this blog get bigger and better!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Hello guys! We will have the giveaway tomorrow! of the 30 SG coins! at 3 PM EST! so be at my chat! also i have come up with another Contest!:

Okay so its the same again! Whoever gets the most people here wins, have them comment that you sent them here and whoever brings most wins!!


  1. 5 SnD coins
  2. 2 Shiny of their Choice(if i have which i probably do! :)
  3. Shiny Yveltal
  4. Shiny Tyrogue
  5. 20 SG Coins (For The Store)
Another thing:
Dont forget to subscribe to this! its my Youtube channel! I have added videos! and i will do a giveaway soon! so stay tooned!


Guys we have Den, and Mr.Alphabet taking our people! i worked so hard to get so many people here and they tell them to go to the other chat! Please dont listen to them and stay here! okay Thanks! and also i will continue doing giveaways and awesome contests!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PTD2 Store

This is a great thing that I came up with that many of you will enjoy. It is the PTD 2 Store. It will be loved by people who don't have SnD coins or cant buy it. This store will basically work on the basis of getting points. All you do is collect points and when you have enough, you can come to me and redeem it for a pokemon you like. So like a shiny rufflet will be like 40 points so you will need that many points and you can redeem it for the rufflet! Easy right? I will add that next! It will have its own different page!
You will get points form different things like if you bring someone to the blog and have them follow it, You get say 10 points etc.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recruit Contest Starts


More comming soon!! Winner:

Groudon(got atleast 20)

NoHope(got atleast 15 people)
Thanks For Participating!

As I said before, I was doing a recruit contest. Well here it is with the rules and how to win.


  1. No Cheating
  2. No creating accounts to say that you sent them


  1. Find a person and tell them to visit my blog(
  2. Tell them to go there and subscribe/Follow (This can be done by clicking this: )
  3. Tell them to comment underneath this who sent them(Ex. Hello Den has sent me to this blog)
  4. The person who gets the most people here WINS!!
This is how you win guys so have at it! The winner will be announced in 2 WEEKS!


  1. Shiny pokemon of their choice(1)- If I have it Which I probably Do
  2. A shiny Legendary of their choice
  3. A random pokemon of my choice(shiny)
  4. 5 other shinies(rares)
  5. Shiny Rayquaza(1)
  6. Shiny Heatran(1)
  7. 5 SnD Coins