Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Blog, New Focus

Fellow Pokemon Enthusiasts,

I really appreciate everyone who used to visit this blog a long time ago(and those who still do)! I ultimately ended this blog because of the decline of the amount of interest in the Pokemon game this blog was centered around. I was recently inspired to start a blog that would focus on reviewing the latest technology! I have loved technology since I was very young and wanted to follow my passion to finally put everything aside to begin a new blog. I have not finished all the planning yet and therefore the blog is not live.

I remembered that this blog was still here as I never deleted and so I wanted to check up on it and I noticed that there are people who still view this blog, like a lot. I saw that there are 100 views a week on this blog still and so I wanted to let these people know that I will soon post the blog site that I am moving to and if anyone is interested, please follow me there! It will be a really great blog because I am looking forward to being a great reviewer for many new products and if you love tech as much as you love Pokemon, follow me there!

Your support would be greatly appreciated!

For the time being, I recently became an ambassador for a great wallet company and wanted to show off the great things that they have! They have amazing genuine leather wallets that are from the future!

Check out their website:

Thanks and that's all for now!

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