Thursday, December 5, 2013

Recruit Contest Starts


More comming soon!! Winner:

Groudon(got atleast 20)

NoHope(got atleast 15 people)
Thanks For Participating!

As I said before, I was doing a recruit contest. Well here it is with the rules and how to win.


  1. No Cheating
  2. No creating accounts to say that you sent them


  1. Find a person and tell them to visit my blog(
  2. Tell them to go there and subscribe/Follow (This can be done by clicking this: )
  3. Tell them to comment underneath this who sent them(Ex. Hello Den has sent me to this blog)
  4. The person who gets the most people here WINS!!
This is how you win guys so have at it! The winner will be announced in 2 WEEKS!


  1. Shiny pokemon of their choice(1)- If I have it Which I probably Do
  2. A shiny Legendary of their choice
  3. A random pokemon of my choice(shiny)
  4. 5 other shinies(rares)
  5. Shiny Rayquaza(1)
  6. Shiny Heatran(1)
  7. 5 SnD Coins

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